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Mentor-Mentee Initiative

The Surgical SID is excited to present our first Mentor & mentee initiative. We understand how competitive CST is and we hope to guide and support international doctors applying for Core Surgical Training in the UK by doctors who have walked the path of applications.


What we can offer?

- 1:2 mentor-mentee pairs
- Surgical career support and guidance 
- Surgical portfolio guidance 

- Online meetings & discussions


Who can apply?

- Doctors currently working in the NHS

- Doctors who are keen to apply for surgical training and pursuing a surgical career in the UK


* In order to offer high-quality career guidance and support with an optimal ratio of mentors and mentees, we will be shortlisting only a few applicants in our pilot run!


How to apply?

Fill the application form here: 


Aim of the Program

We aim to support a selected group of junior surgical aspirants to develop their skills towards securing a surgical training number in the UK. This mentoring initiative is a developmental approach but does not contribute in any way to the assessment of performance. It is to improve performance and is not in any way remedial. This scheme is completely separate from clinical supervision.
Clear boundaries will be set by the mentor and mentee around each session. All members of the scheme will be expected to adhere to the code of confidentiality. However, it is vital to be aware that if there is any issue concerning patient safety or public safety confidentiality will need to be breached.


Objectives of the Programme

Objectives will be agreed on between the mentor and the mentee according to their mutual agreement and the mentee’s needs. They can include but are not limited to:

📌 Identifying the gaps of knowledge.

📌 Providing insight into the process of applying for CST and the requirements.

📌 Guiding individualized progress.

📌 Developing portfolio, clinical, and management awareness and encourage progress in different aspects.

📌 Help with other aspects of the NHS system as appropriate.


They should agree on time-specific targets and plans.



Mentors selected have experience of applying for the CST program, as well as experience in surgery that enables them to guide newcomers. They are encouraged to develop their mentorship skills through training courses. They are also encouraged to look up and use effective mentoring skills and methods.

Doubts 🧐


For any queries, please contact us via:

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